Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Lady of Shalott film on DVD

The Lady of Shalott DVD is available now in both PAL and NTSC formats. You can purchase it from the WAG Screen web site

We will soon have postcards and posters and if there are any special requests we may be able to respond to them too - just let us know.

Apart from being a beautiful and evocative short film in its own right, this is also a great resource for schools. The DVD has two versions; the reading by Tennyson to a Victorian audience allowing you to concentrate on the words and the dramatisation which brings the world of the poem to life.

‘When I was young it took me some time to appreciate this poem, and my dyslexia didn’t help. This DVD would have helped me by illustrating an already great poem.

I’m sure Tennyson himself would be proud.

- Benjamin Zephaniah (2009)

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